Cancellation Policy

Orders cannot be cancelled once the order is in production.

Orders with confirmed payments can not be cancelled.

Emulate Global Inc. does not accept refunds or cancellations once the order has been entered into production.  

We ask clients to proof read all materials, and double check all specifications before submitting the artwork / order.  

Turnaround Time Policy

Emulate Global’s turnaround times begin when the following steps have been completed: 

  1. The order has been received and payment is made in full 
  2. All files have been correctly submitted with the correct format 
  3. If applicable, the design services file or pdf proof have been approved 

Please note our cut off times for orders is 10am EST. Production for any orders submitted after this time will begin the following day. 

*Although we rarely miss turnaround times / delivery dates, production and printing equipement is subject to downtime. Emulate Global and their staff will do everything they can to prevent problems from happening to delay your job.  Please note, all production turnaround times and delivery times are an estimated time. NO turnaround or delivery times can be guaranteed and Emulate Global Inc. does not accept responsibility if these are not met. 

Materials from Customers

Emulate Global Inc. will not accept materials from customers to be printed on. This is due to the fact that tests need to be done on stock before printing in order to provide the highest quality possible. 

Shipping and Delivery Policy

Delays, damage or loss of packages during shipping are the sole responsibility of the carrier providing shipping services. Emulate Global Inc. will not be held responsible for any delays, damage or loss of packages caused during shipping. We will not be liable for any claims of loss of business or damages due to shipping delays or damage. 

Common Printing Terms

Bleed: Any element that extends up to or past the edge of a printed page. 

Bond: A grade of strong writing, printing and typing paper. 

Book / Text Paper:  Types of paper usually used for printing books. Book paper is divided into uncoated or offset paper, and coated paper, which includes matte or gloss coating. 

C1S / C2S: Acronyms for Coated One Side and Coated Two Sides paper stock. A cover stock with a glossy finish on one side and uncoated on the other, usually between 8pt (.008″) and 18pt (.018″) in thickness. A Coated stock can normally not be written on.  

Crop Marks: Small printed lines around the edges of a printed piece indicating where it is to be cut out of the sheet. Sometimes referred to as cut marks. 

Die Cutting: The process of cutting paper in a shape or design by the use of a wooden die or block in which are positioned steel rules in the shape of the desired pattern. 

Drill: The drilling of holes into paper. 

Dye Sublimation: The dye sublimation inks are a disperse dye suspended in a liquid solvent, like water. The images are initially printed on coated heat-resistant transfer paper as a reverse image of the final design, which is then transferred onto polyester fabric in a heat press. 

Gate Fold:  A three or four panel fold where the two outside panels fold inward to meet in the center. In an open gate fold, there are three panels, the bottom of which is twice the size of the folded panels. In a closed gatefold, there are four panels of roughly equal size where the outer panels are folded inward together. 

Gutter: A blank space or margin between components on a printed piece of paper or press sheet.  

Imposition: The correct sequential arrangement of pages that are to be printed, along with all the margins in proper alignment, before producing the plates for printing. 

Lamination: Applying thin transparent plastic material or liquid to a material, providing scuff resistance, waterproofing and extended use.  

Landscape: A document layout where the width is greater than the height. (the opposite of Portrait) 

M Weight: The actual weight of 1000 sheets of any given size of paper. 

Offset Printing: Offset printing is a method of mass-production printing in which the images on metal plates are transferred (offset) to rubber blankets or rollers and then to the print media.  

Pressure Sensitive: Self-adhesive paper covered by a backing sheet.  

Registration Marks: Any crossmarks or other symbols used on a press sheet to assure proper registration.  

Saddle Stitch: The binding of booklets or other printed materials by stapling the pages on the folded spine.  

Scoring: To crease paper for the purpose of making folding easier.  

Signature:  A printed sheet with multiple pages on it that is folded so that the pages are in their proper numbered sequence, as in a book.  

UV Coating: A very shiny and durable high gloss coating applied to printed material. It is applied as a liquid then cured with ultraviolet light.  

Variable Data Printing: Is a form of on-demand printing in which elements (such as text, graphics, photographs, etc) can be changed from one printed piece to the next, without stopping or slowing down the press, using information from a database. For example, a set of personalized letters, each with the same basic layout, can be printed with a different name and address on each letter.  

80lb Gloss: Standard glossy paper stock, about as thick as a light magazine cover. The shiny finish provides an excellent opaque base for rich process colour printing. This is our most popular stock for: Brochures, Catalog Inserts, Flyers, Posters, etc.  

100lb Gloss: Similar to the 80# gloss text, but 25% thicker and heavier, for a piece that feels more substantial. Standard Uses: Brochures, Information Sheets, Self-mailers, etc.